April 23, 2012

DIY: Linen Memo Board & Neon Push Pins

Hi Made By Girl readers!! It's Jenny Bevlin on this Monday morning with a great DIY for your home. I'm in the middle of redoing my home office/craft room. One of the things that I really wanted for my space is a really great memo board. I don't know about you, but I love pinning items to memo boards to have around always to keep me inspired. 

I love Pinterest, but there is just something about having images (that I LOVE) around me to keep me inspired! As far as memo boards go, I knew I wanted something that was neutral in color to make the images I put on it to really pop! 
I did some searching on the internet & found this linen memo board. However, I feel like $149 is too much to spend on a memo board and I knew I could easily DIY it. For the push pins, I knew I wanted something fun. I love the neon and neutral trend, so I decided to make some neon push pins. These push pins are a great compliment to the neutral linen fabric. Don't you think??


Here's what you need to make this memo board:
  • Cork Board
  • Linen Fabric
  • Staple Gun
  • Staples (Make sure your staples are the appropriate length. Staples that are too long may poke through the other side of the board.)

Lay the fabric out and place the cork board on top of it face down. Cut the fabric around the board leaving about 3 inches or so all the way around the board.


Before you staple the fabric to the board, make sure you iron the fabric so that it is crease free. Next, staple the fabric to the back of the board all the way around. Make sure that you are pulling the fabric tight around so that the fabric will be nice and tight on the front of the board.  

Leave the corners for last. For the corners, you will just fold them down and over as shown in the picture and then staple down. 


Here's what you need to make these neon push pins:
  • Flat Head Push Pins
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Foam Board (I used this to put the push pins in to dry)

Dip the head of the push pin in the paint. I then poked my push pins into a piece of foam board so that they could stand upright while they dried. 


Once dry, paint the push pins with clear nail polish. 


The best thing about this whole project is that everything cost a total of $25! Now, what should I buy for my office with the $125 I saved?

- images and post by Jenny Bevlin


Jolie Jouel said...

Wow, what a fun DIY! Those push pins are so cute once they've been colored!

Cathy said...

Great DIY's! Can you share where you bought the corkboard material, how thick was it, and how you hung it? Did you have to use a backing?

Audrey said...

I so agree with you! Pinterest, as cool as it is, is just not the same as having some pictures right there in front of you. I love having my inspiration board by my desk too :)

Audrey - This Little Street

Kate of All things.. said...

I am just about to tackle a DIY pin board project - I love this! thanks for the inspiration xx

Tiffany Leigh {thedesignerlifestyle} said...

I really love this DIY! I might make one of these. Great job!

spearmint baby said...

this is really a lovely project, Jenny!

Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said...

I agree - I still keep binders of inspiration torn from magazines and a bulletin board by my easel. I LOVE the neon pushpins. Too gorgeous!!

Amy Walters said...

beautiful Jenny! I love pinterest too, but agree that nothing beats a 'real' live tack board!
I love your push pins. I actually some similar neon beauties at my local dollar store. I just love them ;)

Amy {Fresh and Fancy} said...

This turned out so cute! Painting the push pins is such a great idea - love it!

Shelby said...

So great!! I just did this very thing for my office/craft room makeover! The only difference was that I spray painted some tacks and covered some in fabric:

CDS said...

That's a super cute idea! Simple and fun! :)

Shana said...

That is such a great idea! I actually might try this DIY.


p-l-a-i-d said...

Love the neon push pin idea! Such a fun look.

Jess said...

so adorable!

Mrs. Cuddlefish said...

Love it! I need to make one for my new office!

Lindsey Anne | pinklet and c said...

LOVE this DIY! Definitely need to try this! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny Bevlin said...

Thanks everyone!

For those that asked, I bought my cork board at Joann Fabrics. It's about an inch think. Although this would work on any type and thickness of cork board. To hang it, I just used the heavy duty double sided sticky squares that came with the board.

Kate said...

Wow, thank you so much for these wonderful ideas! I am getting a big pin board for my room, and although I have already bought the board, I will definitely use the neon pin DIY idea! Can't wait to try this! x

Kate {Something Fabulous}

leanne said...

love this - and the neon pins, am going to have to try a diy! thanks for sharing

Glitterati said...

Lovely idea, especially the pins :)

Brittany Lauren said...

Fun DIY project! I love the explosion of color! Pinterest is fun but nothing compares like a rainy day cutting or flipping thru magazines and getting inspired.

las sandalias de ana said...

So Great!


L.A. in the bay said...

this is the most genius thing ever and I so want to do this now!

Julie said...

Great idea! I need to do this.

Vanessa {Vanilla and Rose} said...

I love this idea! I just recently did a similar thing with glitter push pins.

PennyV said...

the neon Pins are awesome! I am so into neon right now.


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